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Cyborg Amok – Bio / Info


Cyborg Amok is a band emanating a progressively gothic synth-rock character, merging artifacts of ghostly shadows with components of technology and futuristic vision. 

Cyborg Amok resides somewhere between the brilliance of twilight

and the apocalyptic darkness … the space where musings percolate.


In 2019 keyboardist/vocalist, songwriter and music producer, Greg Bullock, known for his work with the band RealEyes and his sequence of Umbra and Bare Trees projects, met with guitarist, songwriter and studio musician Dan Simoes to discuss collaborating on a new original music project. After a period of informal gatherings it was decided to begin by revisiting music Greg had recorded over previous Umbra and Bare Trees studio projects, with an eye on developing updated versions they would perform live as Cyborg Amok. Also joining the project is drummer/vocalist Brydon Bullock. An aspiring young musician who studies privately both as a drummer and a vocalist, attends a performing arts high school as a “percussion major” and is a member of the choir, Brydon applies his current sensibilities and a fresh contemporary energy to the heartbeat and foundation of Cyborg Amok. 


 “Cyborg Amok - The Order Of DisOrder” EP is due to be released in mid-2020. 

Cyborg Amok 

Greg Bullock; Synthesizers and vocals

Daniel Simoes; Guitars and vocals

Brydon Bullock; Drums and vocals


Guest studio bassist; Adam Vaccarelli


All songs performed by Cyborg Amok

Track Listing:

1. Dancing On The Floor Of The Sea Of Tranquility (2019)

2. Another Turn

3. New(er) Dark Age 

4. Beyond Me



All songs recorded and mixed at

Retromedia Sound Studios, Red Bank, NJ.

Engineered by Adam Vaccarelli. Mixed by AV & GB.

Produced by G. Bullock.

Mastered by Mark Truwella 

at Full Circle Mastering, Ashville, NC

Pre-production and supplemental tracks produced and recorded 

at GABWorx, Studio B … engineered by G. Bullock.

Music/lyrics by Gregory Bullock

GABWorx, llc. © 2020 

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